There are 1000+ vacant homes in a 2.2 mile radius in Wilkinsburg.

We want to revitalize them.

Our founder, Jerry and a homeowner in Wilkinsburg

Our Mission

We profitably transform neglected properties into their highest and best use.

In the past three years, Impact REdevelopment has concentrated much of its real estate investments and development activities in Wilkinsburg, PA 15221.

We see an opportunity to improve the community which has great potential because of the underlying rich architecture, the convenient location, and in so many ways a community making strides towards a better future.

Make money with your money. Invest in Wilkinsburg today.

Sell your property.

Find your new home.

Invest in our projects.

Impact REdevelopment was created in 2014 to focus on revitalizing vacant real estate in Wilkinsburg around the busway and central business district.

Since then, more than 25 properties have been repositioned from liabilities into assets that are now home to diverse people. Impact REdevelopment looks forward continuing to better Wilkinsburg by revitalizing single family properties for homeownership, small residential buildings to provide safe comfortable apartments, commercial spaces to house unique business attractions, and green spaces to bring nature and community together.

Image of our founder, Jerry Gaudi

Meet Our Founder – Jerry Gaudi

I grew up coming to Wilkinsburg for art and music lessons in the early 90’s and graduated from both Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University. I was familiar with the area and the transitions it is going through, that’s why I decided to buy a duplex in Wilkinsburg in 2013. I noticed that there were 5 empty properties nearby in a flat walkable area, a block away from amenities, public transportation, and in the path of progress. In any other city, this would be a desired location, so I decided to dedicate my time and expertise to creating value in Wilkinsburg through Impact REdevelopment.

In 2015, I volunteered to be the program coordinator for the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce which enabled me to become involved more within the community. In addition to being involved on the boards of the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce, I participate on the boards of The Center For Civic Arts and The Wilkinsburg Community Ministry where we focus on bettering sustainability issues and cultural enhancements. During these few years, I grew to become a recognized face in Wilkinsburg as a resident, business member, community advocate, as well as an investor. 

Other organizations in which I am involved include The Wilkinsburg Pollinator Garden Group, The Wilkinsburg Affordable Housing Advocates, and Impact Neighborhood REdevelopment Company.

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900 Wood Street

Wilkinsburg PA, 15221

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