Impact REdevelopment has connections with many Wilkinsburg and Pittsburgh organizations to provide additional resources and support to clients.

Wilkinsburg Borough logo

Wilkinsburg Borough

The borough’s proximity to Pittsburgh and its location along main lines of transit from outlying areas were key to its founding and early development. The original village plan was drawn along both sides of the Great Road to Fort Pitt. Wilkinsburg truly began to flourish when the railroad came through in the 1850s, bringing access to jobs in other parts of the city. Nonetheless, Wilkinsburg values its independence. Wilkinsburg was annexed to the city in 1873, but Wilkinsburg residents fought to have that action reversed. Wilkinsburg returned to its independent status in 1876.

The Greater Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce logo

The Greater Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce

We are happy to house the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce within our home office building at 900 Wood. Their purpose and mission aligns very well with ours. Their purpose is to build and sustain community partnerships, provide resources to new and expanding businesses, act as a leader in the greater Wilkinsburg business community, and act as a catalyst for new development projects.

Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation logo

Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation

A non-profit incorporated in 2007 with a mission to promote the revitalization of Wilkinsburg through business & residential development; organizational & individual civic leadership; and ethnic & cultural diversity.
Their notable community programs include classes for local entrepreneurs, classes on home buying, community events and the Vacant Home Tour. The WCDC focuses primarily on the Wilkinsburg Business District, the area around the intersection of Penn Avenue and Wood Street. The WCDC’s Business District Revitalization Plan aims to promote a “flourishing commercial and retail environment in Wilkinsburg” and consists of planning and policy recommendations. In May 2015, the WCDC’s advocacy resulted in an approved liquor license referendum, legalizing the sale of up to five restaurant liquor licenses in the borough, which had been a dry community since 1935.

The Wilkinsburg Sun logo

The Wilkinsburg Sun

The Wilkinsburg Sun is a community newsletter for Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania that published its first issue in August of 2007. It highlights the positive stories about Wilkinsburg that often slip through the cracks of more traditional media. It also contains up-to-date community meeting information.

Mansmann Foundation logo

Mansmann Foundation

Its main office is housed within 900 Wood. It provides a forum where small business owners receive the knowledge, support and motivation needed to solve every-day small business problems and grow through collaborative programs.

Free Store Wilkinsburg logo

Free Store Wilkinsburg

Free Store Wilkinsburg’s mission is to redistribute new and lightly used goods at no cost to community members to bridge times of financial stress and emergency.
FSW relies on donations by corporate partners, community members, and volunteers. At a time of change in Wilkinsburg, FSW strives to make a meaningful contribution to the Borough’s revitalization efforts and the people who live in and around Wilkinsburg. Founded in 2015, FSW is an independently operated 501c3 formed to fill a “need gap” that currently exists in our community.

New Sun Rising logo

New Sun Rising

New Sun Rising (NSR) designs and implements programs that create economic opportunity, solve social challenges, and strengthen the vibrancy of place. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we serve as an educator, resource provider, connector, and activator of neighborhood-scale innovation. Our focus is on underserved communities and how regenerative growth strategies can be utilized for equitable development.

 Local Pittsburgh Magazine logo

Local Pittsburgh Magazine

Great source for news on local events.

Wilkinsburg Community Advancement Association

Founded in 2019, the Greater Wilkinsburg Community Advancement Association was formed to work in partnership with the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce. The needs of our community go beyond the traditional Chamber of Commerce activities.

9 Cafe

9 Cafe is a Caribbean soul food restaurant located at 900 Wood.

Jameelah’s Creations

Jameelah’s Creations is a design, maker, seamstress services, and apparel shop located at 900 Wood.

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